Maintaining a sound customer relationship management (CRM) system is essential to conducting business and making the most of your sales leads.

Analyzing customer interactions and data is the name of the game for next-level sales and marketing. If you are switching over from a legacy system or are adopting a CRM for the first time, there are two industry leaders: Salesforce and Sage CRM. Each program offers specific advantages and some drawbacks.

This article is intended to give you a high level glimpse of both CRM’s. Inline links are provided so you can get more product detail. By no means, is this article intended to provide a thorough and full assessment of both these CRM products.

Sage CRM

From a company with a 30-year track record, Sage CRM is considered a reasonably priced, reliable system.

The software is ideal for creating targeted marketing campaigns and helping organizations deliver world-class customer service. The brand also boasts more than 6 million users across the world.

Sage CRM provides you with a snapshot of all opportunities within the sales pipeline, allowing sales teams to effectively analyze and manage deals at every stage. The software includes the following: An interactive dashboard, sales forecasting and reporting, quotes and order generation, lead management and maintenance, sales process automation, communications management, territory management, and mobile ready.

Pricing for Sage CRM comes in a variety of packages. The base in-house product costs is approximately $1,495. The subscription based package is approximately $69 per user each month.

Small and mid-sized businesses tend to use Sage CRM because it can accommodate thousands of users, over different geographical areas.

Both programs offer point-and-click tools for creating new fields in tables. However, Sage CRM’s tools require a higher level of training to complete this task, whereas Salesforce’s tools are somewhat easier to use.

Sage CRM was designed to be an in-house application that requires information technology resources to run, such as installing and maintaining servers. Some businesses prefer this because the CRM system is then behind their own firewall.

In terms of browser compatibility, Sage CRM supports all major browsers. Additionally, Sage has pre-made integrations between the software and existing Sage 300 ERP accounting systems. These local integrations allow for data sharing on the local network.


Salesforce claims its software actively tracks and manages customer information and is accessible from any device.

The software also simplifies repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on closing leads rather than data entry.

One major difference is that Salesforce was designed to be a multi-tenant, cloud-based application. Its cloud-based option offers a great degree of flexibility and less upfront investment. It’s also simpler, as you will only have to pay to use it—rather than installing and maintaining the software.

Salesforce offers more choice in terms of browser compatibility, as it functions with Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Whether you need browser flexibility will also be part of your CRM decision-making process.

Salesforce’s professional level products range from approximately $25 to $300 per user on a monthly basis.

For accounting system integration, companies often need to move in-house data onto the Salesforce platform. You’ll likely need integration software to accommodate this process.

You could also use FinancialForce, a third-party accounting system, that functions within the Salesforce CRM platform. The CRM you choose depends on your business’s specific needs.

If you want a fully hosted solution, Salesforce is probably the better option. For those businesses more comfortable with an in-house program, Sage CRM is likely the way to go.

Regardless of your choice, however, you’ll be sure to take the right step to allow your company to remain competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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