Feedback is that sweet, rejuvenating reminder or a concerning reality check that tells us if we are doing something right or wrong. Organizations need to encourage a feedback culture among their workforce. A dynamic and inter-hierarchical feedback culture helps employees, administration staff, and the entire organization grows.

There are many ways through which organizations can develop a feedback culture in their workspace.

Eliminating the Environment of Fear

The majority of employees avoid providing honest feedbacks because they don’t want to upset bosses. Any organization striving to establish a feedback culture has to put across this message through its actions that employees can provide their candid and sincere feedback without worrying about consequences.

Keep It Anonymous and Confidential

A significant body of research and real-life example shows us that people tend to speak the truth where their identity is hidden. Organizations can use this attribute of human behavior to get truthful feedback. Filling surveys with anonymity and confidential meetings can help organizations harness honest feedback from the workforce.

Why It’s Needed

Establishing a two-way stream of feedback is important for various reasons.

  • To get an insight on organizational decisions and ensuing changes
  • To improve the future decision-making
  • To get the hang of the satisfaction index of the workforce
SimplyHRMS Human Resource Management System

SimplyHRMS by Microsys is an HRM application that can also provide organizations with a lot of valuable data (leave status, benefits consumption, training status, etc.) to provide feedback to employees. The information on SimplyHRMS can also help organizations in assessing the feedback given by the staff.

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