SimplyHRMS is a Human Resource software specifically designed for businesses of all sizes. It serves as an integrated system and provides key data to the HR department which enables them to make timely decisions, save costs, and take the productivity of the organization to the next level. In short, it is a cost-effective HR software tailor made for your business.

Information Management

With SimplyHRMS, your HR department and employees can easily access employee’s key information and data anywhere with our hassle-free web-based software. This data is stored in the cloud, providing businesses a completely paperless solution.

Time Off Management

Track time-off requests and approvals while keeping up-to-date monitoring of vacation accrual information. Managers and employees are informed with email reminders for requests and decisions. Managers can also manually enter time off request details if needed at any point.

Document Management

Employees and managers can communicate and collaborate with access to company-wide documents such as handbooks, training manuals, announcement templates, etc. while protecting your company's sensitive data and giving the right access to users with custom access rules.

Training Management

Add and assign training modules to employees, set due dates, training frequency and track their completion. Managers can set up automatic email reminders for upcoming training and past due training for each employee.


Set up automatic alerts and email reminders for HR managers where the system sends notifications for any upcoming benefit entitlements, milestone, performance notification, work permit expiry dates, and when an employee updates their personal details and more.


Create and export custom queries based on employment status, employment type, length of services and more into a data sheet that can be shared with the various departments.

Automate HRMS

Simply HRMS
Information Management

Employee Information Management

With SimplyHRMS, your HR department can easily maintain all the key information and data related to your employees in a hassle-free way. What’s more beneficial is that all this data is on the cloud, completely paperless.

Applicant Tracking

One of the most significant attributes of our HRMS software is that it functions like an application tracking system. It is specifically crafted for your HR department to take care of recruitment of candidates with the right skill sets and competencies aligned with your business goals.

Applicant Tracking
Document Management

Document Management

Access to company documents such as handbooks, training manuals, announcement templates, etc. while easily creating different access levels for management. Manage all your employee profiles and create a clean database.

Employee Time Off Management

Create workflows and forms to track time off requests for submission and approval while keeping up-to-date monitoring of vacation accrual information. SimplyHRMS also allows you to keep track of carry over, bonus days and lieu in days.
Sage SER


Create custom queries based on employment status, employment type, length of services and more. Exporting data sheets for review is easy with SimplyHRMS.

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