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Network Infrastructure & Support

We work with you to deliver a robust and agile IT strategy that gets the job done. We keep your IT Systems optimized so they can deliver.

Network Infrastructure and Support
Cyber Security - Managed IT Support Services

Cyber Security

IT infrastructure security is a must, networks too need to be protected and secured from threats that are a risk to the various services running on the network.

Data Storage and Recovery

Our top-notch data backup and restoration services help businesses like yours to protect one of the most valuable but vulnerable assets in today’s world – Data.

IT management - Data Backup and Recovery
IT management - IP Telephony

IP Telephony

IP Telephony solutions for businesses and organizations that want to be efficient and mobile.

Custom IT Support Packages & Maintenance

A 10 employee office will have different needs than that of a Hotel chain. We, at Microsys, engage with companies of all sizes to provide IT Solutions that are customized for their specific needs.

IT service provider
On-Premise & Remote IT Support

On-Premise & Remote IT Support

Certain issues will require on-site services however we can connect remotely to assist and troubleshoot certain issues. Meaning you are able to operate your business quickly and efficiently.

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