Why Choose SimplyPurchasing for Spend Management System

Many organizations don’t have an efficient Procurement Management Software in place. Relying on manual, paper-based work rather than embracing automation using digital means. SimplyPurchasing makes the procurement and supply pathway completely visible, transparent, and simple to track. No more lost quotes, delayed approvals or dissatisfied vendors.

Cloud Base

Create, approve, and send purchase orders easily with our user-friendly web-based software.

Multi User Roles

With various different user levels and roles, you can tailor SimplyPurchasing to your business to ensure that each company employee is given access according to their role and task.

Multi Level Approval

Multi level approval ensures that company managers have access to either approve, make changes or cancel orders created by company employees.

Vendor Templates

Create order templates for vendors - Instead of creating individual orders for recurring purchases, SimplyPurchasing allows you to create a template to group the repeating orders to specific vendors.

Accounting Software Integration

Daily business transactions are automatically integrated into your accounting software system from SimplyPurchasing.

Data Archive

Access all your archived orders and receipts from one cloud based centralized location to ensure your business can access or review any information for future budgeting, and planning.

Procurement Management

Procurement Management

Contract Management Software

Manual contracts are quite tedious and take a long time for approval. Microsys’s Contract Management Software processes and manages all contracts effectively across your organization.
Contract Management Software
PO System

PO System

Our Purchase Order Management Software offers your organization complete flexibility to draft and send PO’s. With our robust SimplyPurchasing system, you do not have to bother about with the format or layout of the PO.

Invoice software

One of the most crucial aspects of the procure-pay cycle is invoice approval and processing. Our invoice software is customized and specifically designed to suit your requirements.
Invoice Software

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