Understanding IP Telephony

What is IP Telephony?

IP Telephony is also known as Internet Protocol telephony. IP Telephony or IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) makes use of internet protocol to communicate digitally through a high-speed internet telephone rather than a traditional fixed phone. Microsys’s IP Telephony solution provides you with an internet telephone at a small fraction of the cost of a traditional PABX.
IP Telephony Services
Voice over IP services

What is Voice over IP?

Although the terms IP Telephony and Voice over IP are used synonymously, in reality they are different. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a part of the Internet telephony system, while IP telephony refers to an internet telephone where all calls and data are sent digitally using the internet. VoIP is a specific method to place voice calls over the internet. Using Microsys’s VoIP service, your call is placed using a VoIP phone. This call is converted into data that is sent over the internet. The audio is transmitted through the internet protocol (IP).

How does the Internet Telephone system function?

In order to use the Internet Telephone system, it is essential to have a Voice over IP solution. It may be a VoIP phone system (SIP softphone) or Cloud phone system. The audio signal from the microphone is transformed into data. The data is split into small packets and transferred to the recipient over the internet. These data packets are assembled in the right order and transformed into audio which the recipient hears. This is how the Internet Telephone system functions.
How Does The Internet Telephone System Function
Our IP Telephony Services Solutions

Our IP Telephony Services & Solutions

Advantages of Using a VoIP Service

Reduced Costs

Our Voice over IP solutions are considerably more cost effective in comparison to traditional copper wire based landlines and mobile providers. In addition to this, installation and maintenance of IP telephony systems can be easily done in-house without the need to hire any external agency.
Reduced Costs
Hardware Installation Not Required

Hardware Installation Not Required

Cloud VoIP has made hardware installation completely unwanted. This makes VoIP phone calling easy to start with, faster and cost effective as well.

Improved productivity

Our cloud VoIP solutions facility improved and seamless communication for your business, thereby improving the productivity. It also provides a robust and collaborative workflow.
Improved Productivity
Streamlined Integration of Communication

Streamlined integration of communication

Our VoIP service helps you connect your voice, data, video, and apps to communicate with anyone, anywhere, and from any operating system.


Voice over IP is a flexible system that allows you to add additional lines as your business expands moving forward. All this is possible without any hassles and at less cost.


SIP softphones being mobile can function at any place across the world with only an active internet connection. It offers endless connectivity by allowing remote workers, remote offices, staff, and clients to remain connected irrespective of the location.

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