How Microsys is helping businesses with Cyber Security Services in Markham

Microsys offers comprehensive Managed Cyber Security Services that are designed to identify, eliminate, and prevent security issues at the core of your infrastructure. Our goal is to provide secure solutions that ensure uninterrupted business operations. Our proactive approach gives you peace of mind.

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Our Managed Cyber Security Services encompass the following:

We meticulously analyze your existing assets and processes to identify any vulnerabilities that may exist. By drawing attention to these weak points, we can develop targeted strategies to address and mitigate potential security risks.

Our team of experts evaluates your security controls and implements industry-leading best practices. This proactive approach helps to fortify your systems and protect them from evolving cyber threats.

IT Security Infrastructure Assessment

The basis of your personalized action plan will be built on the vulnerabilities uncovered in your current systems, technology, and other infrastructure by our thorough security audit.

Our personalized action plan is based on a thorough security audit of your systems,
technology, and infrastructure. We identify vulnerabilities and develop a targeted approach to
mitigate risks effectively

A review of network device security involves assessing the security measures implemented on network devices to identify vulnerabilities and propose enhancements. This process aims to strengthen the overall security of an organization’s network infrastructure.

Risk factor assessment involves evaluating potential risks to an organization’s security, considering vulnerabilities and potential threats. Penetration testing simulates real-world attacks to identify weaknesses. Together, they provide insights for improving security measures and defending against cyber threats.

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Reduce Downtime

For small organizations, any downtime brought on by a Cyber Security compromise can be expensive. Depending on the industry, a corporation might lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single hour of downtime.

Cyber Security compromises can be costly for small organizations, as any downtime incurred can result in significant financial losses. In certain industries, even just one hour of downtime can lead to the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Common mistakes that lead to data leakage

Using social media platforms to communicate private information about the company with coworkers or outsiders.sharing sensitive data and documents using unauthorized cloud services. maintaining backups and conversations from confidential discussions.

Sharing private company information with coworkers or outsiders through social media platforms, using unauthorized cloud services to share sensitive data and documents, and neglecting to maintain backups of confidential discussions can pose significant risks to the security and confidentiality of the organization’s information.

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