Network Infrastructure Security

Network infrastructure security refers to the process of protecting the networking infrastructure by deploying preventive security measures to prevent unauthorized access, data theft and breach of security.

Secure Networking Measures Include

Benefits of Network Infrastructure Security

Network Infrastructure Security at Microsys

Microsys is a managed security service provider (MSSP) offering a wide array of network infrastructure security services. Our security services will help you to significantly minimize the risk of suffering a security breach and the fallout from such attacks.

Digital Security Audit

Our network security audit identifies any potential faults which may lead to a security breach. Conducting a digital security audit is the first step and helps to identify crucial gaps in your network.

Hardening Network Devices

Hardening network devices is a fundamental way to improve security and, generally, includes the below elements.

Network Segmentation

Network segmentation involves segregating the network into functional units called zones. For example, within a network there may be separate zones for customer support, sales, research, production, etc. Each zone has different technical requirements.
Network segmentation makes it possible to:

Restrict User Access Privileges

At Microsys, we apply a network access control (NAC) to every user account. This is to ensure that every user does not get access to all the data on the network. To keep out potential security threats, you must be able to recognize each user and device.

Data Loss Prevention

Our data loss prevention techniques prevent sensitive data from being access from outside of the organization by unknown users. Detecting abnormal data transfers

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