Publishing an employee handbook and making it available to staff is more than just a compliance measure. Seasoned HR professionals ensure that an employee handbook can serve multiple purposes and put across a lot of useful information to the workforce.

Besides compliance requirements, the following are the reasons why every enterprise, big or small, should regularly revise and publish an employee handbook.

Communicates What’s Expected of Employees

An employee handbook can make it clear to new hires what’s expected of them. This detailed written document reinforces the verbal messaging and counseling of managers and supervisors.

Puts Across Mission, Values, and Culture

There must be no confusion among employees about their enterprise’s mission, values, and culture. A well-thought-out employee handbook can update workers on what their employer is all about.

Defines the Role of Management and Leadership

An employee handbook helps employers define the role of management and leadership in the most categorical manner. Availability of this information to employees can help maintain the well-defined organizational hierarchy.

Outlines All the Employee Benefits

An employee handbook outlining all the employee benefits ensures that they don’t have to reach out to the HR desk time and again to find out relevant information.

Offers Protection against Potential Employee Lawsuits

Certain pieces of information provided by employers in employee handbooks can be used as proof in favor of the employer during any lawsuit filed by a current or ex-employee.

Make sure that every employee has easy access to your company’s handbook. SimplyHRMS, a simple HRMS solution, enables you to add a softcopy of the handbook to the self-service portal so that every employee can access it any time without asking around and borrowing from each other.

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