In last few years, about 2% of Canadian organizations were affected by ransomware. 65% of companies in Canada are expected to be attacked. If this doesn’t make network security and cyber security imperative, nothing can.

While Canada ranks well in terms of cyber security, it isn’t completely safe from cyberattacks. Whether you own a small business or a big organization, protecting your data is a must. Keep reading to find out how.

Network Security and its Countless Benefits

The importance of cyber security can be gauged from the fact that 85.7% of Canadian companies were affected by cyber-attacks in 2021. These preventative methods protect organizations from corruption, unwanted invasion and manipulation.

Network Security Types

To combat cybercrime, various types of security systems have been developed over the years. Here are some of them:

Access Control

Users with network access are subject to strict controls in this system. Security policies restrict network access so that only authorized users can connect. As a result, unauthorized users or devices cannot access the network.

Antivirus and Malware-Protection Software

Cyber-attacks are capable of compromising data in your network. The most common types include malware and viruses. Some versions can easily infiltrate networks and corrupt sensitive data. Other variants simply facilitate hackers to infiltrate the network.

Antivirus software works by scanning and monitoring your systems for unusual activity. On the other hand, anti-malware detects malware and blocks its activities. It also recommends ways to get rid of it.


Network security firewall is designed to serve as a barrier between the web and the network. However, there is a set of rules for firewalls that determine what traffic to allow or block.

Email Safety

Many security threats, such as scam links, phishing, and malware, can infiltrate your network via email. Incoming suspicious emails can be blocked by email security software. It also works to restrict outgoing emails containing specific types of data.

Web Safety

Web security protects your network in a number of ways. For one, it prevents different threats from accessing your endpoint devices. Common examples of such devices include printers, laptops, smartphones, etc. A critical tool in web security is a web filter.

It employs a configured database with a blacklist and whitelist. The whitelist has authorized domains that can be used in the network without any risk. The blacklist, on the other hand, can contain malicious domains that compromise your network security.

Every blacklisted website is blocked by web filters, preventing users from accessing it. Some of the best-managed IT Security Services providers recommend employing web security to protect your precious devices from external threats.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN establishes a secure connection between an endpoint and a network. It protects the network from roaming threats by encrypting the connection. It can also be used to secure a web-browsing endpoint.

Network Security Benefits

A number of managed cyber security services understand that the cyber landscape in Canada is growing at a rapid pace. It’s also becoming more and more complicated with each passing day. Any disruption in the architecture leads not only to extensive business losses but also affects the national economy negatively. Why else is network security important?

It Mitigates Risk

The government and healthcare sectors are among the most likely to be targeted by cyber attackers. The good news is that many cyber security companies Toronto are offering networking security solutions to prevent the onset of such events. All companies must follow regulations to minimize the financial impact of breaches if they may occur.

It Increases Trust

Security for larger networks equates to security for all. Network security increases consumer and client confidence while protecting your company from the reputational and legal repercussions of a security breach.

It Enables a More Modern Workplace

Network security benefits everyone, even your employees. It allows them to work securely from any place using a Virtual Private Network.  Efficient network security also offers multiple levels of security that you can scale to meet the needs of your expanding business.

It Protects Your Clients’ Sensitive Information

survey of Canadian business representatives found that for 70% of companies, customer data protection was a primary corporate objective. 

Your customers depend on you to safeguard their confidential information. Your company relies on the same protective measures. Network security protects information and data that is shared across a network.

How Can Canadian Companies Identify Threats in Their Networks?

Scanning is one technique that helps detect vulnerabilities in networks. Network scanning in cyber security is a practice that involves specialized tools to search for vulnerabilities in systems. Some of the most common types of scanning techniques include:

  • Malware scanning
  • Port scanning
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Web application scanning

The technique is a vital component of most cyber security strategies. It helps to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities before the attackers exploit them. However, it is important to conduct it in an ethical manner. You must obtain authorization before conducting scans on any network or system.

Networking in cyber security is another aspect that professionals must understand adequately. In cyber security, it refers to the physical connections between devices and systems that allow them to communicate with each other. Understanding how these connections are made and how data is transmitted over networks is important in protecting against cyber-attacks.

The Take Away

The need for cyber defense is becoming more and more relevant over time. From small businesses to bigger organizations, everyone is slowly wrapping their heads around network security and cyber security. Sometimes, all it takes for your sensitive data to be hacked is one moment of recklessness. Implementing the right solutions at the right time is imperative, no matter how big or small your business may be. So, allow us to relieve your burden and contact one of our experts to discuss your options today!

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