IT assessment helps an organization understand its network and system and what improvements and modifications it needs. A comprehensive IT assessment comes in useful in detecting security vulnerabilities as well. It also aids in understanding how you are faring among your peers and competitors in the industry. 

A comprehensive assessment also guides an enterprise on how to scale its IT infrastructure along with the business expansion. While most decision-makers are aware of the importance of comprehensive IT assessment, they don’t know how to approach it. Furthermore, it is always challenging to get a detailed evaluation of the in-house team’s systems. This is especially true for small to medium enterprises working with limited IT human resources.

All such businesses can leverage Managed Service Providers (MSPs) expertise that also offers comprehensive IT assessment. In this post, we will make a case for why do you need to hire a 3rd party MSP to get a comprehensive IT assessment of your network.

Comprehensive IT Assessment Offers Dispassionate Overview of the Network

The leading benefit of 3rd party MSP for IT assessment is they review and appraise your network without any biases. This is not possible when an in-house IT team furnishes an assessment report. With an in-house IT assessment, there is always a chance that the report may not fully outline the network’s shortcomings. It doesn’t happen when you take a 3rd party MSP on board.

When a 3rd part MSP assesses an IT network, it sheds light on both the system’s strong and weak links. It will first identify all the things that your in-house network supervisors and IT support staff is doing right and must be kept that way. Then, it moves towards the weak aspects of your network and its handling. This part of the assessment usually includes detecting the network’s security vulnerabilities, inefficient bandwidth, or any network design elements that can be improved.

A detailed IT assessment from a neutral standpoint covering both highs and lows of a network helps executives make better decisions. 

Comprehensive IT Assessment Can Identify the Network Bottlenecks

It is almost impossible to find network bottlenecks without running a comprehensive IT assessment. Many times, enterprises experience a network bottleneck but fail to identify and address it at the cost of productivity loss. In some cases, people don’t even realize their available network resources’ full potential due to those imperceptible bottlenecks. 

MSPs crawl through networks and identify the most stealth bottlenecks in all sorts of network designs. Whether it is peak time use, outdated hardware, bug-ridden apps, and software, or connectivity issues, they swiftly identify the bottlenecks that prevent the network from running at its possible highest uptime. 

The identification of network bottlenecks means you don’t have to spend on the complete network overhaul. With bottleneck detection, you will only have to designate outlays for troubleshooting those network elements that cause inefficiency.

Comprehensive IT Assessment Suggests a Baseline for Optimal Network Performance

Contrary to popular belief, you not only need to have your network assessed when it experiences lags and glitches. Even an optimally working network needs a 3rd party MSP IT assessment. The evaluation of a healthy network tells you that if it is run at under-capacity or overcapacity usage. 

Both of these situations are not good for your enterprise. If you are not using your network at its full capacity, you can’t manage your IT ROIs for better figures. On the other hand, an overwhelmed IT network, albeit healthy, is bound for exhaustion and breakdowns. 

This crucial insight from the IT assessment also lets you standardize the baseline for optimal network performance. This means you can outline the indicators suggesting that the network is performing at the right balance. These indicators (e.g., a specific bandwidth value, uptime value at maximum connections) can be tied to thresholds so that your team can be notified when any unwanted change happens across the system that might affect its performance. 

Comprehensive IT Assessment Insights Help Managing IT Inventory

IT industry experiences a rapid turnaround of new technology and devices. Still, it is likely that the device upgrades you made just two years ago are now considered outdated in your industry. Furthermore, any seasoned MSP conducts an IT assessment by keeping the contemporary hardware requirements in mind. 

If they find out that your enterprise is falling behind the rest of the industry with its hardware infrastructure, they will mention it in their IT assessment report. The findings by a 3rd MSP will help you streamline your IT inventory and update your network with the needed equipment without running a separate hardware review. 

Assessing hardware equipment is not just important for incorporating modern technology and keeping up with the rest of the industry. Hardware inventory updates are also essential because the use of existing hardware has rendered your network vulnerable to security threats. 

Comprehensive IT Assessment Tops Off the Assessment with a Well-Documented Report

Finally, the advantage of a comprehensive IT assessment from a 3rd part MSP is that they summarize all the evaluation findings in a well-crafted written report. A report furnished by a trustworthy 3rd party specialist puts a seal of reliability on the IT assessment report. 

Apart from letting you know all the network drawbacks and pitfalls and their potential solution, a written report comes in handy for various other reasons as well. For instance, establishing a written report might be the compliance requirement for the industry-specific directives you have to follow. Moreover, a well-written report can also persuade the boardroom to increase the enterprise’s IT budget.

If you need a comprehensive and impartial 3rd party MSP IT assessment of your network and systems, get in touch with experts at Microsys. The company’s mission is to deliver affordable and high-quality technology solutions that enable small, medium, and enterprise businesses to meet their goals more efficiently.

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