Small and medium businesses operate in a risky environment compared to large organizations. They have limited resources and less room for experimentation. As digitalization took over, SMEs took more time to adopt modern business practices due to a lack of proper infrastructure and tools. While several companies have successfully transitioned, many businesses are still looking for cost-effective digital integration for enhanced productivity. This is where managed IT service providers act as an influential bridge.

In this article we have covered a list of the essential cloud solutions for small and medium businesses. Let’s dive into the details.

Cloud Storage Solutions and SMEs: An Influential Bond

Before we explore robust solutions, let’s quickly review the influential relationship between cloud storage systems and SMEs. Small and medium businesses often face data management problems due to the lack of modern infrastructure. Setting up large storage systems requires specialized facilities, teams, and running costs. While large businesses have the financial cushion to bear such expenses, small and medium enterprises are left behind.

To resolve this problem and ensure foolproof data security, managed IT services providers play a crucial role. They recommend using cloud storage systems to eliminate infrastructural expenses and high running costs. Cloud storage solutions are risk-free, reliable, and easily manageable. Additionally, they can help SMEs focus on bigger targets by improving their productivity.

Cloud storage allows businesses to store large amounts of data files and client records in an online computing space. SMEs can retrieve data and minimize downtime using cloud storage when needed. Moreover, such solutions come in handy in case of workplace disasters (fire, computer problems, lost hard drives, floods, etc.).

Top Five Cloud Solutions for SMEs

Based on the above context, we have covered the most trusted and reliable cloud solutions that small and medium businesses can use for foolproof data management.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular cloud solution for small and medium businesses. It offers a wide range of cloud computing solutions to enhance business efficiency and reduce costs. The AWS plans cover multiple cost-efficient options to suit the varying needs of a business. For instance, you can choose from pay-as-you-go, pay less for reserves, pay even less for using more, and custom pricing solutions.

These plans enable business owners to compare the efficiency and costs of different plans and pick the ones that fit their needs. Moreover, you can enjoy top-quality cloud computing services, like web hosting, mobile data backup and recovery services, business app hosting, and more. You can also opt for custom solutions to enhance profitability in the long run.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive needs no introduction among business pros and technical experts. Launched by the computing giant Microsoft, OneDrive offers foolproof cloud storage to private users and businesses based on their needs. The key features cover cross-platform syncing, optimized searching, third-party app integration, authorized control, and seamless data backup.

As a small or medium business owner, you can opt for 5GB of free storage. If you need higher capacities, you can opt for a 100GB paid plan, a 1TB paid plan, or a 6TB paid plan. Please note that each plan may have varying features.



Dropbox is a popular cloud storage solution with various notable clients in the global market. As one of the best cloud storage solutions, Dropbox for Business provides users with sharing, synchronization, backup, storage, and seamless integration features. Moreover, you can save significant costs by opting for the platform’s services. A striking feature of Dropbox is sharing data with users who do not have Dropbox accounts.

The basic Dropbox plan is free, with 2GB of storage and Microsoft 365 integration. If you choose the Plus plan, you can enjoy 2TB of storage with integration options. Many businesses opt for the Standard plan that covers 5TB of storage, integration features, and $15/per user charges. You can also audit user activities and check authorization controls for enhanced productivity and cybersecurity.


JustCloud is another robust solution for cloud computing. Small and medium business owners use this platform due to its business-friendly features and cost-efficient plans. Many teams of managed IT services opt for JustCloud instead of building custom software for data management and backup. When using this platform, you can enjoy over fifty features, including authorized control, network drives (with network security), accessibility management, file versioning, and hourly backups.

Moreover, network security assessment teams can thoroughly monitor cloud-based activities to prevent data breaches. The JustCloud business plan costs about $30, covering 100GB of storage (for five computers). You can get 500GB of storage (20 computers) for about $60 if you choose the enterprise plan. Businesses can also opt for custom plans to fit their preferences.


Box is a great cloud solution for small and medium businesses due to its flexible use and incredible features. Box for Business enables you to enjoy secure data sharing, enterprise-level cybersecurity, data synchronization, cross-platform sharing, reporting, tech support, and authorized controls. Managed IT service providers (hired by SMEs) often recommend this option for cloud storage.

Final Thoughts

Finding a cloud solution for your business can be tricky due to the variables involved. However, listing your needs and cost preferences can help you narrow your choices in the competitive market. The above list highlights the most popular cloud solutions for small and medium businesses. If you need growth-oriented managed IT services for your company, feel free to reach out to us and discuss your project. 

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