The growing uncertainty of the economic landscape has pushed businesses to utilize their IT budgets effectively. After all, innovation is the only way forward. However, not all businesses have what it takes to deliver a range of IT services. This is where managed IT service providers come in and prove their real value to the smooth and efficient functioning of the business.

The Need for a Third Party to Handle Your IT Services

In 2021, roughly 5 million Canadians were working from home. The surge in remote work led to a growing interest in hiring third parties to handle IT services. Even today, the need is relevant since more and more companies are shifting to working remotely as well as hybrid working models on a permanent basis. However, this isn’t the only reason for hiring an IT service provider. Here are more reasons why you need managed IT service providers (MSPs).

What Are Managed IT Services?

These services are comprehensive approaches to managing your company’s IT operations. When it comes to finding a reliable IT managed services provider, Toronto will not disappoint.

The growing technology infrastructure signifies the need for a service to maintain it. Furthermore, a professional service knows how to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Managed IT services enable businesses to outsource their technological tasks. These managed services allow business owners to use higher-quality resources and free up internal teams to focus on more specialized responsibilities specific to their businesses.

Ten IT Advantages of Partnering With an MSP

You Can Free Up More Time

In 2022, the labor productivity of Canadian businesses declined by 1.5%. Getting the most out of your employees depends on how well they’re able to utilize their time. So, if your IT staff is busy helping John from accounting recover his forgotten password, it is quite frankly a waste of resources. Managed IT services and support help the in-house IT department focus on expanding the business instead of wasting their time on non-critical IT activities.

Access to Technical Expertise

There’s no denying that technology is continuously evolving. For most small businesses, it’s almost impossible to buy the latest solutions to keep up with them. So, when it comes to hiring managed IT services, small business owners benefit just as much as anyone else. MSPs help businesses get access to the up-to-date technology and tools.

Simplify Managing Complicated IT Environments

The complex nature of IT is a major source of security vulnerabilities. So, managing your environment with a small IT team puts you at risk. By partnering with an MSP, you can centralize your IT functions. This means you can lower your risk and provide long-term visibility into your system’s health.

A Single Point of Contact

The biggest nuisance to dealing with an IT issue is finding the right person to contact. This is exactly what partnering with an MSP can rid you of. You’ll know who to turn to when there’s a problem at hand. Service providers are far more efficient at monitoring system performance continuously.

Disaster Recovery Is Much More Certain

Cyber-attacks are on the rise. 11.4% of Canadians reported experiencing malware and viruses in 2023. This calls for a quick recovery strategy. Complete data backup on the cloud is a very critical step in disaster recovery. Without complete managed IT services, you may not know how to go about it.

Better Budget Allocation

How is it easy to budget for MSPs? You may be wondering. Most MSPs offer stable monthly plans. This means you’ll be paying the same amount for a number of services every month. Furthermore, the annual cost of hiring a third party is far less than hiring full-time staff for the same job. This approach of using MSP enables the business to be cost-effective.

Prompt Resolution

Imagine coming to work one day only to see your system broken. Not only will it waste an entire day, but it may also cause you immense losses. The best part about hiring fully managed IT services is that their technicians are available round the clock.

So, your IT issues will be identified and addressed before you even get to know about them. However, creating the same level of support in-house may cost you an arm and a leg and also your precious time.

No Chance of Missing Out On Updates

There are a number of hidden costs of using outdated technology. Hence, keeping up with security updates is a must. This is one area in which many organizations fall behind. Most fail to understand that investing in cyber security is now a permanent requirement. This is where a reliable MSP can play a vital role. They ensure that your system never misses out on an update and isn’t vulnerable to attack.

You Never Have to Worry About the Workload to Assign to an MSP

All businesses go through periods of high and low workloads. So, an MSP can take on as much or as little work as your company needs. Some managed IT service solutions even offer the option of “pay-as-you-go.” You can slow down during slow periods and become more active during busy times.

You Can Avoid HR Duties

Hiring your own team of tech experts means being responsible for their annual sick leave, etc. With IT managed services solutions, you can enjoy the privilege of delegating these responsibilities. At the same time, you can benefit from their technological expertise.

Final Words

Ultimately, the benefits of hiring an MSP outweigh the costs. You’re able to do what you do best while managed IT service providers do what they do best. As a result, you invest resources where they need to be invested and grow your business effectively. Information technology is a complete industry in itself, and your best bet is to let the experts do their job. If you’re interested in engaging with a reliable MSP, reach out to a reliable company like Microsys in Toronto today!

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