Small scale organizations focus on cost-cutting to ensure that their resources are allocated effectively and that no funding is wasted on trivial expenses. Due to financial constraints, small-scale organizations believe that adapting to technological advancements might cause a dent in their capital. However, these technological innovations help organizations save money and function effectively.

Office space is expensive. Small to medium-sized organizations struggle to obtain suitable space for themselves, but due to limited area and the number of objects and people that need to be crammed into that workspace, the work environment becomes cluttered and disorganized. An easy way to declutter your workspace is by replacing physical objects that take up space with digital alternatives that can be accessed online, like employee files.

Large scale organizations have employee data on their HRMS platforms, unlike small scale organizations that find it difficult to believe in the benefits of going online. Continue reading this blog to discover the benefits of having employee data on an HRMS platform instead of storing it in physical files at the office.

An Integrated Document Source with No Physical Footprint

Gone are the days when organizations would dedicate office space to storing employee records. Still, several organizations prefer hardcopy despite the availability of a digital HRMS platform that can store data online as they believe it can be expensive. Contrary to popular belief, an HRMS solution is quite affordable and worth it because of its many benefits. The best part of obtaining an HRMS platform to store employee data is the office space it relieves from countless files, cabinets, and shelves.

For instance, if your organization has three candidates for a promotion, and all have been working there for years, you will need to access their track record to make the final decision. If hundreds of employee files are stored in dusty cabinets at the back of the office, it won’t be easy to retrieve the files needed without wasting time and energy. You might even have to clean things up a little to find the right files, and what happens if you don’t? Data stored in physical files can get lost or hidden under several other files. On the other hand, if you have a digital HRMS platform with employee data programmed into the software, it will take you a few minutes to access the data of all three employees and make the final decision.

The space you save in the office can be utilized to build another cubicle to accommodate a new employee, a snack counter, or simply an area that serves a more productive purpose than a storage room. Even if your organization decides to shift to another location, they won’t have to fear losing several files consisting of employee data because all of it will be available online.

Easy Access for Employees

Just like how organizations benefit from storing employee data online, so do employees themselves. Who likes having to visit the human resource department or sending countless emails to HR Personnel to retrieve essential data? The answer to that question is nobody. With a digital HRMS platform, your workforce can easily access their data through a self-service portal without wasting time and energy in physically obtaining the files.

For instance, if an employee wants to study their contract with your organization again and have a deadline to bring forth any concerns before the agreement is finalized, they will have to contact the human resource department and attain their files face to face. This leads to a wastage of time and energy, plus they might not be able to obtain the files before the deadline. In this case, if an organization already has a digital HRMS platform, the employee can easily access their files online in a timely manner.

Imagine the human resource team’s stress when they have to provide information to employees whenever they’re asked despite having more pressing matters to attend to. You can decrease the HR department’s stress load by allowing them and the workforce to access data online through the organization’s HRMS platform. An HR department can only work effectively if they are given the time to do their jobs efficiently. As the human resource department is responsible for looking after the entire workforce, their energy affects the organizational culture. A stress-free, efficient HR department will strive to make your organization’s culture harmonious.

SimplyHRMS makes Remote Work Hassle-Free


After the pandemic, organizations are always on the verge of shifting back to work from home. Many firms have realized that workforce productivity rises when employees are working remotely. Especially in such cases, SimplyHRMS can enable supervisors and managers to access employee files and keep track of employee benefits, leaves, and performance online. SimplyHRMS is a digital HRMS platform that is lightweight and user-friendly. Your organization can save time, money, and energy by replacing physical files with digital employee records.

With SimplyHRMS, you can manage HRM tasks far more efficiently without renting expensive workspace to keep an eye on all your employees. Remote work is a common solution for organizations in this decade; it helps them cut costs and save time and energy from the comfort of their homes. A digital HRMS platform allows human resources to access employee data online, enables employees to track their progress online, and empowers managers to manage employee data and monitor the performance of the entire workforce.

If you haven’t already deployed an HRMS platform, what are you waiting for? Obtain SimplyHRMS to make your life easier. It is affordable and effective. Small scale organizations can benefit significantly from a digital HRMS platform as it enables them to spend less time managing the workforce physically and allows them to take out more time and energy to achieve organizational goals.

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