Password security is a crucial factor that many end-users overlook. With more digital devices and platforms taking over, the need for the best password practices has significantly emerged. Managed security service providers recommend businesses and private users pay special attention to password creation.      

A slight negligence in this regard can lead to severe data loss and hacking problems. To help you prevent such scenarios, we have covered the best password practices recommended for foolproof cyber security.

Best Password Practices Every User Should Know

Passwords can be tricky in many ways. Firstly, “strong” is widely misunderstood when setting up new passwords. Some users focus on password lengths to make it strong. Others rely on character variation to achieve the purpose. Managed IT services come in handy when setting up passwords for confidential systems. However, you can follow the mentioned tips to ensure device and network security.

Choose a Unique Password for Each Platform

Let’s admit it: Passwords can be difficult to remember. The complication multiplies when you have multiple password-secured apps. A common practice many users stick to is choosing one password for all apps. For one, they are easy to remember and can save time creating unique passwords for each platform.

When users choose a single password for multiple apps, breaching one can compromise the data of all platforms. A good rule is to pick a unique password for each app. Although setting up different passwords for each may take more time, nothing is more important than data protection.

Character Variation Is Crucial to Password Success

Character variation is an important factor when it comes to choosing passwords. Cyber security experts strongly recommend having character variations to prevent cyberattacks. The need for character variation amplifies in professional settings where data confidentiality is the top concern. Corporate organizations secure passwords in private lockers to prevent theft and compromise.

A good rule for choosing passwords with character variation is picking all types of characters. For instance, you can choose uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. Please note that some platforms restrict users from using spaces in passwords. In such cases, you can opt for more than one character of a particular type to create passwords (use two different letters, numbers, or symbols instead of one).

Create Passphrases Instead of Passwords

Lengthy passwords can be tough to breach. While valid, you can go even further with your password security using passphrases. Passphrases can be small one-liners that fulfill the requirements of an app’s password length. Such phrases can be difficult to guess and break. Hackers often use character combinations to determine the right password. The process gets super complicated when you use passphrases, making it nearly impossible to breach.

For instance, you can use phrases like, “My camera is Canon 6D,” when aiming to create a strong password. If you quickly review this passphrase, it contains uppercase letters, lowercase letters, spaces, and numbers, making up a 20-character password. Now, let’s look at it from a hacker’s perspective. A hacker might never be able to guess what camera model you have. Using names, models, and serial numbers of your valuables in passwords can help you create strong passphrases.

Do Not Use Public Information in Passwords

A common password problem that leads some users to problems is the use of public information. When creating passwords for professional use (for instance, in custom software), you might want to avoid using your name, date of birth, pet name, and other details that can be traced publicly. Many users list such information on their social accounts, making them a piece of cake for hackers to track.

When deciding on your password, you may use more specific and private information that cannot be traced publicly. Moreover, combining multiple pieces of information can help you achieve a strong password.

Password Generators Can Be a Good Option

Many digital media users hate seeing system-generated passwords. They immediately hit the pop-up’s close button and create their passwords for easy remembrance. While system-generated passwords can be tricky to remember, they can offer you the best security on your business, social, and private accounts. Let us elaborate on why password generators are better than self-created passwords.

Password generators are basically computers telling you what you should choose (as a password) for enhanced protection. They use character variation throughout the password’s length, making each character unique. More importantly, such passwords make no sense to readers since they are improper words. While preserving such passwords can be tricky, you can ensure foolproof protection of your digital assets with system-generated passwords. One example is “P0j#Um3”.


How to Secure Passwords?

Remembering complicated passwords (like the one above) can be challenging for most users. While true, noting them down on a piece of paper or having them saved on your devices can be risky. If you wonder how you should secure your passwords, the answer is private drives. Offline storage is a great way to preserve sensitive information and passwords.

Also known as cold storage, this method of password protection allows you to have complete control of your passwords. Additionally, the absence of an internet source makes it risk-free from malware and hacking attempts. You can secure cold storage devices in your locker or a secure location for added security. Such solutions typically work well for those operating in corporate settings.

The Takeaway

The importance of a strong password can never be understated. With more digital tools and technologies taking over the globe, foolproof passwords are a must. The above information highlights pro password practices every user should follow for enhanced digital security. We have also provided a solution for preserving complicated passwords in the above section.

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