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Improve sales effectiveness with better financial management

If your company has a sales team, its leaders constantly ask themselves “what can we do to improve effectiveness and capture more business?” Highly effective sales teams drive more sales and revenue while building better customer relationships. A more effective sales team can help a company gain a larger market share and battle more effectively […]

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How data transparency puts restaurant operators in control

This year could be a tough one for many restaurant operators. In its 2023 State of the Industry report, the National Restaurant Association found that exactly half of all operators expect to be less profitable as compared with the previous year. While consumers still love restaurants, economic headwinds are forcing many to cut back on discretionary spending, […]

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Automate your finance with Sage Intacct

How automation revolutionizes finance and fuels career growth

Time, just like any valuable commodity, is always coveted.   The saying “time is money” carries literal weight in finance. It’s not just an asset; it’s a crucial factor in determining success.   In a quest to manage numerous responsibilities—like strategic planning, budgeting, financial reporting, and ensuring compliance—CFOs and finance teams often find time must be juggled […]

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The Role of Financial Planning and Analysis in a SaaS Startup

David Appel is Global Head of the SaaS Vertical for the largest technology company on the London Stock Exchange, Sage. Over time, his organizations have earned the business of >1,800 SaaS and Software companies, growing at 40%+/year. He previously ran Direct Sales at, led NetSuite’s Software Vertical, and was part of IBM’s Corporate Development team.

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