Software and custom application development make the backbone of the ongoing digital revolution. Take out the software component from the scene, and you will be left with a lot of electronic junk. Every individual and business use technology via software— be it an operating system, mobile-based application, or any API integrations. 

Even if you have a conventional brick-and-mortar setup, you will still need to use different software applications to remain competitive. There is a list of software tools that help online and offline businesses streamline their operations. These software applications help in crucial functions like supply chain, revenue tracking, project management, and enterprise resource management.

Enterprises have two options to pick when it comes to procuring software resources for their operations.

  • Off-the-shelf or readymade software applications
  • Custom, bespoke or tailor-made applications

In the contemporary commercial landscape, when every market and sector has bifurcated into several sub-markets and niches, enterprises need to move to custom application building. In this post, we will discuss why you need to opt for custom application development to fulfill your software requirements. The post will also cover how you can iron out the kinks that come in the way.

Benefits of Custom Application Development

When you get a tailor-made software application for your business, you manage to experience various benefits.

Custom Application Development: Get the Software Exact in Line with Your Requirements

We can’t help but use the analogy of ordering a bespoke shoe or suit. Many of us have encountered a situation where readymade options don’t fit, or you don’t find them as per your liking even though there are hundreds of off-the-shelf options at your disposal. The same happens when you get commercial/readymade software for your enterprise and find out it doesn’t fit your requirements. 

Just like a good shoemaker or tailor will get your precise measurements to make a perfect fit for you, custom software and application developers assess your business requirements and then design a custom solution for you. Whether the tool is for CRM or PM, they will develop an application that fulfills your exact operational needs.

Custom Application Development: You Can Scale Custom Applications with Your Business Growth

Scalability is one of the great things about custom applications. Even though many commercial software vendors boast about their solutions’ impressive scalability, most of them offer scaled-up versions of their applications based on an average growth pattern. They don’t cater to every individual enterprise with its unique business growth. On the other hand, when you get a custom application developed by seasoned professionals, they ensure that you can scale the application according to your business growth.

Custom Application Development: Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Although building custom applications entail a higher upfront cost, you recover it in the long run in many ways. When you commission a custom application, you try to fulfill most of your operational requirements from a single software package. In other words, using custom applications save you from the outlay of subscribing to multiple commercial software applications.

Moreover, when your organization grows, you may need to move to another readymade application. This would happen because the existing one might not be scalable to your requirements. Moving from one application to another brings operational hassle (employee training, etc.) and considerable expenses. In contrast, scaling your custom application doesn’t affect your operating expenses that much.

Custom Applications Are Less Vulnerable to Security Threats

Commercial software applications eventually become more prone to cyber threats because anyone can analyze them for their security vulnerabilities. Even though commercial software developers release security updates regularly, cunning cybercriminals who get the hang of the application’s core structure. They eventually find a way to get around those security measures. 

On the other hand, custom applications are exclusive to your business. They are not exposed to cybercriminals because they are neither for sale nor installed on hundreds and thousands of devices.

Making Custom Application Development Pain-Free

Despite knowing all the benefits of the custom application building discussed above, many organizations don’t consider it. The biggest reason why many businesses don’t opt for custom application building is they don’t want to set up a separate software development department and incur substantial upfront and recurring expenses. 

Besides setup cost, it is a tall order to assemble a good custom application development team because the application development industry works in a non-conventional manner. Working with an in-house software development team is also virtually impossible for SMEs because they can’t afford to pay hefty salaries of prolific developers boasting impressive portfolios.

Six Ways Third-Party Experts Make Custom Application Development Pain-Free

You can address all these pain points of custom application development by hiring third-party software developers. When you work with third-party custom application developers, getting bespoke software becomes a breeze because:

  • They save you from the excruciating long-drawn-out hiring process.
  • You don’t have to stress over monthly salary outlays, employee benefits, and other cash outflows.
  • They work with a quick turnaround. They can develop a custom application within a fortnight that an in-house developer team might not take less than a month. 
  • You can ask for a specialist application developer who is an expert in developing solutions for specific organizational processes. Getting specialized development involves lesser back and forth and better compliance fulfillment.
  • You don’t have to worry about and constantly poke someone to get updates on the developments. They provide you a timeline of the developmental lifecycle beforehand and then deliver accordingly.
  • When you don’t have an extra department and team of employees to pay, manage, and get them to deliver the required work, you remain stress-free and able to focus on your core competencies.

With its software development serviceMicrosys helps those organizations that want to leverage custom applications but dread the process and consequences of establishing an in-house developing team. Our custom application expert developers follow the complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to provide you first-rate third-party application development services, from business requirement analysis to deployment and maintenance.

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