HR management practices have come a long way in the last couple of decades. Today, a human resource department or desk must steer clear of the following poor HR management practices.

Not Following up with Failed Candidates

Gone are the days when no response from organizations was considered an answer to failed/rejected candidates. Today, HR professionals need to devise a strategy to ensure that the rejection doesn’t hit the failed candidates really hard. An empathetic post-rejection correspondence reassuring failed candidates that they are not any lesser than selected ones reflects well on the organization’s brand image.

Not Setting Performance Goals

Tangible goal-based performance tracking and evaluation are important for HR departments to make evenhanded appraisal and promotion suggestions. An organization can’t develop a competitive culture without emphasizing goal-based performance.

Developing Non-Professional Biases

There is no harm in distinguishing employees based on their performance and professionalism. However, if this turns into discrimination based on religion, race, caste, and personal preference, it can turn very detrimental to the organizational environment and growth.

Still Working through Hardcopy Files and Folders

HR desks still buried under piles of files and folders is not just a bad sight. It also indicates that the department is years behind peer HR departments. You need to move to robust HRMS solutions and applications to streamline your HR work and eliminate hardcopy files and folders.

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