HR departments in most small and medium-scale enterprises work with traditional resources. There is a team of HR professionals, a couple of workstations, and a stack of employee and employer documents. This traditional HR department setting is enough to the bare minimum. However, it won’t help the organization to move ahead with improved HR operations. HR management software is one thing that makes all the difference between a stale and ever-improving HR desk.

However, many small-scale businesses don’t consider HR management software for their operations due to its high upfront and operating costs. There is no doubt that most HRM software suites entail expensive deployment and operating expenses. They also require organizations to improve their digital infrastructure and train their HR teams accordingly.

SimplyHRMS has emerged as a suitable alternative for small and medium-sized enterprises that don’t have the resources for large software systems. However, many decision-makers and SME boardrooms believe that there is no point in investing in lightweight HR applications like SimplyHRMS. Their argument is those applications can’t set off the HR transformation they anticipate from a software solution.

In this post, we will make a case of SimplyHRMS as the best lightweight HR management software out there that is cost-effective for SMEs and can help them transform their human resource department.

SimplyHRMS - A Transformative HR Management Software Solution for Organizations

SimplyHRMS helps organizations improve and streamline their HR operations in many ways.

Lets them Set up a Wide-Ranging Digital Employee Database

Going digital and replacing stacks of hardcopy files and folders with an online database is undoubtedly the most significant transformation that any HR department can experience. SimplyHRMS helps organizations go ahead with this revolutionary development. You can use this web-based HRM system as a single default platform to store all the employee information.

It is important to mention here that employee information doesn’t just mean basic details, including name, department, and designation. The software can also let you store a stack of professional information – from entitlement details to employment history.

Moreover, the employment database of this HR management software is not static. You can update it in real-time and different stakeholders can access it from different locations at the same time.

Offers an HR Document Repository

If you want to get rid of paper at your organization (not just the HR department), consider SimplyHRMS’s deployment. You can transform several organizational documents into paperless records courtesy of SimplyHRMS. The application lets you upload the softcopy of a significant amount of document data. You can use that bandwidth to make your company policy, employee handbook, certifications, and accreditation documents available online.

Revamp Employee Entitlement Management

Proactive entitlement management is important to keep employees happy and avoid regulatory consequences. SimplyHRMS also assists SMEs on this HR front. The software enables HR professionals to make the delivery of entitlements more flexible and interactive. For instance, its time-off section entails hassle-free vacation management.

HR representatives and managers can see who is present and who is on leave. They can also monitor the vacation history of individual employees. With this feature, a company’s management can become better at work planning and employee management. On the other hand, employees can apply for vacations on the same portal and see how many and what type of leaves are left.

This automated/contactless entitlement management is certainly a giant leap of progress for an organization with old HR practices.

Improve Coordination for Employment Training

Employment training is a norm in big corporate entities. However, small and medium-sized enterprises are now also paying attention to it. SimplyHRMS can prove to be of great help for SMEs in the initial bumpy phase of handling employment training. First, it enables the HR desk to make the relevant training course available to the relevant employees. In other words, employees can access their training course outlines, training manual, etc., on their workstations.

Moreover, managers can use this HR management software’s activity scheduler to let staff know about their upcoming training sessions. When employees open their side of the SimplyHRMS portal, they can see the training sessions scheduled on the main dashboard.

The availability of training material right on the desk and nonstop heads-up from the self-service portal improves employee participation in the training program.

Enables HR Professionals to Be on Top of Their Daily Tasks

SimplyHRMS boasts a robust event tracking and notification system. It comes in quite useful for HR professionals in conducting their everyday tasks. For instance, they don’t have to manually track employee milestones to arrange celebrations and send out gifts. SimplyHRMS will notify them in advance about all the upcoming milestones.

Similarly, HR professionals will remain aware of the ongoing and upcoming training sessions and give their input where needed. The notification system of SimplyHRMS is also a great platform to get a heads-up regarding different entitlement utilization by employees.

In short, SimplyHRMS will save HR people from marking calendars, using sticky notes, and making mental notes to remember their everyday tasks and commitment. With this automated notification and tracking of SimplyHRMS at their disposal, HR staff tends to work more efficiently and register better productivity. This change is nothing less of a transformation in itself.

Lets You Introduce Employee Self-Service Portal

A self-service employee portal is one of the key indicators of contemporary state-of-the-art HR departments. SimplyHRMS enables SMEs to keep up with changing times and have a self-service portal for their workforce as well. SimplyHRMS has two interfaces, i.e., one for the administration and one for employees. The latter is essentially a self-service portal.

Employees can sign in to the portal with their unique login credentials to track and apply for entitlements, see their training timetable, access training material and various other documents without needing a liaison from the HR department. Such features reduces HR’s burden that doesn’t have to deal with a bulk of routine everyday employee queries anymore.

If you think it’s time to transform and revamp your HR department within limited resources, get in touch with Microsys. It is an IT firm that has developed SimplyHRMS and provides its complete deployment and support to enterprises across the corporate spectrum.

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