Many HRMS developers brand their product as a replacement for HR departments and teams. This type of branding is slightly misleading because every HRMS primarily serves HR professionals and streamlines their work. Therefore, it won’t be right to say that an HRMS is a replacement for HR professionals.

Nonetheless, organizations that don’t have any dedicated HR team can improve their HR activities through an HRMS. Here, we will briefly outline why an HRMS is not a replacement for HR professionals and how enterprises with no HR desk can leverage features of a robust HRMS.

HRMS Is Not a Replacement for HR Professionals

There are many reasons why we can’t declare HRMS as a replacement for HR experts.

  • Every HRMS needs people to run it, and HR professionals are the most eligible lot for running any HRM application.
  • Only HR people can make the most of every feature of a comprehensive HRMS.
  • HRMS are deployed to improve the performance and workflow of HR teams, not the other way around.

How HRMS Helps Enterprises that Don’t Have HR Desks

However, small enterprises that don’t have any HR professional can bring HRMS for:

  • Reducing the workload of the supervisors carrying out HR tasks in the makeshift capacity.
  • Enabling small entities to offer a better employee experience without a dedicated HR office.

SimplyHRMS by Microsys is one of those rare HRMS solutions that you can give to HR professionals for improving efficiency and to organizations that don’t have dedicated HR desks. 

Follow our blog to find out how SimplyHRMS provides such versatile utility.

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