Cloud computing is not a fringe IT element anymore. In the last couple of years, it has thrust itself into the mainstream digital scene. Today, organizations of all sizes from all sectors are moving their operations to the cloud. A couple of years ago, Microsoft introduced a cloud-powered subscription service for small to medium-scale enterprises called Microsoft 365. It has proved to be a gamechanger. 

Microsoft 365 has helped SMEs migrate to a more agile cloud environment from a conventional working setting without too much hassle and expenses. Today, millions of small and medium-scale businesses leverage Microsoft 365 to run their operations efficiently. The tech giant has also started offering its 365 suite to large companies with a substantial organizational footprint.

If you run an enterprise that still uses traditional servers, network drives, device storage, office applications, email service, and project management tools, you might be under a lot of stress with their upkeep and overheads. You can streamline your work and shed your stress by moving your work to the one-window operations of Microsoft 365. 

How Microsoft 365 help you manage work and go stress-free? Let’s find out.

Sets You Free from the Stress of On-Premise Resource Management

Whether you have inadequate or aging on-premise IT infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about expanding or renovating it when you move your operations to Microsoft 365. This Microsoft subscription is an entirely cloud-based solution. All the MS Office applications, Outlook, and various collaborative and communication apps are hosted on Microsoft’s own cloud servers. This means your in-house IT manager doesn’t have to worry too much about your local server and network drives.

Moreover, every employee using 365 gets significant cloud storage to store and manage their individual work. This cloud storage lets you establish the needed data redundancy. It also saves you from any work lags even if the storage on your on-premise devices has depleted.

Microsoft 365 Makes It a Breeze to Scale Operations

If your enterprise is experiencing rapid growth, you don’t need to stress over how to manage the infrastructure expansion. Many businesses can’t achieve their growth targets because they fail to scale digital infrastructure accordingly due to its high cost. The arrival of Microsoft 365 has removed this scalability obstacle for organizations. 

With 365, you can scale your operations without making heavy investments in new infrastructure. You don’t need to spend on new servers and network equipment when your office operations are powered by Microsoft 365. If you think that your existing 365 package is falling short, revise your subscription plan. Microsoft lets business adjust their 365 subscription plans in line with their scalability requirements.

Microsoft 365 Promotes Flexible Work Environment with its Impressive Compatibility

Gone are the days when every organization would have a standardized workstation for every employee. Today, the work environment has become pretty flexible. Now, employees use different devices with different operating systems while working under the same roof. Offering this work flexibility helps organizations to improve their overall productivity. 

Many office management and collaborative programs don’t have the wide-ranging compatibility, rendering them useless for flexible work settings. However, that’s not the case with the 365 suite. A workforce working on Android, Windows, and Mac devices can seamlessly work and collaborate on 365.

Microsoft 365 Facilitates Remote Working 

The ongoing pandemic has highlighted how important is it for an organization to have a system that can make a smooth transition to a remote work setting. Since Microsoft 365 is entirely based on the cloud, you can use it from anywhere and anytime. If you are struggling to run your enterprise in a remote setting after coronavirus restrictions, you immediately need to move to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Improves Workflow

Microsoft 365 is not just about MS Office applications and email servers. This cloud-based suite offers you a range of management and collaborative applications. From Microsoft Teams to SharePoint and Microsoft Stream to Microsoft Sway, there are multitudes of collaboration, sharing, and planning applications included in the 365 suite. All these propriety applications improve your organization’s workflow, whether your workforce is operating from the same office, multiple offices, or homes.

Microsoft 365 Saves You from a Range of Hefty Expenses 

When you can fulfill most of your digital work requirements from the hood of 365, you can cut down many of your recurring and upfront expenses. For instance, you don’t have to set up an in-house data center and hire people to run it when the cloud-based Microsoft 365 takes care of your operations. Also, the scalability with 365 doesn’t mean you need to expand your office space and incur the accompanying overheads. In short, when you make the most of Microsoft 365 features, you manage to improve your bottom line.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Cybersecurity

Microsoft takes the responsibility of protecting your data and assets on its 365 suite. In other words, you don’t have to stress over the cybersecurity of your organization. But it doesn’t mean you can go completely care-free with your digital security. You need to take measures deemed necessary for safe use of the cyber world and data transfer. However, you don’t have to strain your budget on expensive firmware security and hiring third-party cybersecurity experts.

Microsoft 365 Helps with Industry Compliance Fulfillment

Microsoft has designed its 365 Suite in a way where its operations comply with almost all the directives and compliance measures of different industries. Whether it is HIPAA, SOC 1, and 2, or ISO/IEC 27001, the 365 applications and services comply with all the possible regulations that your organization may have to comply with.

If you want to move your business operations to Microsoft 365 for all its benefits mentioned above, consider getting in touch with experts at Microsys. Microsys is an official Microsoft Partner and Microsoft 365 Reseller. We provide Microsoft 365 consulting services and solutions best suited to match your business needs. 

Our Microsoft 365 services are the continuation of our mission of delivering affordable and high-quality digital and technology solutions that enable small, medium, and enterprises to run their businesses more efficiently.

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