A lot of SMEs don’t consider an internal HR department the most pressing requirement for their operations. Consequently, many of them proceed to outsource their HR operations.

If you are sitting on the fence and can’t decide about outsourcing your HR operations, skim through this brief write-up.

Upsides of Outsourcing HR Operations

Saves Significant Operating Expenses

Setting up an in-house HR department doesn’t just involve a significant upfront expense. It will add another stream of operating expenses to your cash outflow as well. By outsourcing HR operations, you can save those expenses.

Rules out Internal Association Bias

HR operations conducted by in-house teams often suffer from the internal association and affiliation bias. No such thing happens in outsourced HR activity.

Downsides of Outsourcing HR Operations

Failure to Cultivate a Company Culture

Without an in-house HR department, it is almost impossible to develop your peculiar company culture and brand.

Lack of Insight and Poor Control of Employee Management

Without an onsite HR desk, enterprises continue to struggle to get better insight and control of employee management.

Hiring Struggle Continues

Hiring employees through an HR MSP doesn’t offer the smooth onboarding and transition carried out by an in-house team.

SimplyHRMS: An Alternative to Outsourced HR Operations

SimplyHRMS by Microsys is a great alternative to outsourced HR operations. It is a web-based HRMS application that allows SMEs to work without blowing their operating expenses. Small enterprises can work with limited HR staffers and get all the perks of having a full-fledged in-house HR department by using SimplyHRMS.

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