Human resource departments use conventional resources in most small and medium-sized businesses. There’s a group of HR specialists, a few workstations, and a heap of paperwork from employees and employers. This HR setting is enough to tackle the bare minimum. However, a flourishing company requires more. It will not be able to go forward with better HR operations. HR management software is the only thing that makes the difference in keeping an HR desk fresh.

Many smaller-scale enterprises avoid using HR management software in their operations due to its high upfront and operating costs. In most cases, the costs of deploying and operating HRM software suites are prohibitively high. Organizations must also upgrade their digital infrastructure and train their human resources personnel to do so.

Small and medium-sized businesses that lack the financial resources to invest in complex software systems may find that SimplyHRMS is a viable solution. Many executives and SME boardrooms believe that SimplyHRMS, a lightweight HR program, is not worth the investment. They claim that these apps cannot trigger the HR change they expect to occur as a result of implementing a software program.

For small and medium-sized businesses, SimplyHRMS is the best and most cost-effective HR management software. It can help businesses overhaul their human resources departments.

Human Resource Management Software for Organizations - SimplyHRMS

SimplyHRMS helps businesses in streamlining and improving their HR operations in different ways. Some of them are as follows:

1. Allows Businesses to Create a Wide-Ranging Digital Database of Employees

Transforming an HR department from a paper-based one to one based on an online database is unquestionably the most substantial change possible. Enterprises can take advantage of this new technology using SimplyHRMS. All employee data can be stored in one place with this web based HRM solution.

To be clear, when we talk about employee information, we are not only referring to the usual suspects like name, department, and title. You can also keep a wealth of professional data in the software, from entitlements to work histories.

In addition, this HR software’s job database is dynamic. Various stakeholders can use it at the same time and make changes in real-time.

2. Provides an HR Document Repository

Consider deploying SimplyHRMS if you wish to get rid of paper in your company (not only in HR). Various SimplyHRMS features allow you to turn paper documents into electronic records. Using the app, you can upload a substantial amount of document data in soft copy. You can utilize this capacity to make your company policy, employee handbook, certifications, and accreditation documents available online.

3. Redesigns the Way You Handle Employee Benefit

Keeping employees pleased while avoiding regulatory repercussions requires proactive entitlement management. Enterprises can also benefit from SimplyHRMS‘ HR expertise. HR experts can use the software to enhance the flexibility and interactivity of how benefits are delivered. For example, the section on time off focuses on simplifying the process of planning a vacation.

Personnel in HR and management positions have visibility into who is at the office and who is on leave. The team can also track individual employees’ vacation records. The management of a company can improve their work planning and employee management with the help of this function. On the other hand, employees can use the same portal to request vacation time and discover how many different types of leaves are still available.

The automated/contactless management of entitlements is unquestionably a significant leap forward for an organization with antiquated HR methods.

4. Enhances Employment Training Coordination

On-the-job training is standard in large corporations. Now that things are changing and the industry is progressing, small and medium-sized businesses are now paying notice. They can benefit significantly from SimplyHRMS in the early stages of training new employees.

This software allows the HR desk to make the required training course available to the relevant personnel. Employees can access the materials they need for their training programs by using their workstations.

Managers can also use the activity scheduler in this HR management software to notify employees of scheduled training courses. It’s easy for SimplyHRMS users to notice upcoming training sessions on the main dashboard when they log in.

Employee involvement in the training program is boosted due to the self-service portal’s constant reminders and easy access to training materials.

5. Facilitates the Completion of Daily Tasks by HR Professionals

The event tracking and alerting system in SimplyHRMS are sophisticated. This is a vital tool for the work HR professionals do every day. Celebrations and presents for employees can be sent automatically without having to keep track of each employee’s achievements manually. All forthcoming milestones will be communicated to them in advance using an HR tool like SimplyHRMS.

The same is true for HR experts, who will be kept up to date on all the company’s training activities. They will be able to offer suggestions when necessary. You can get a heads-up on how your employees use their various benefits using SimplyHRMS‘s notification system.

HR professionals will no longer have to use calendars or sticky notes to keep track of their daily activities and commitments, thanks to SimplyHRMS. Automated alerting and tracking help HR employees perform more effectively and more productively. This change is nothing less than revolutionary.

6. Allows You to Introduce Employee Self-Service Portal

A self-service portal for employees is a sure sign of a modern, cutting-edge HR department. Additionally, SimplyHRMS provides companies with a self-service platform for their employees. Administrators can use one interface, while employees can use another. A self-service portal is what the latter is all about.

You can track and apply for entitlements, check their training schedule, access training material, and manage numerous other papers. Everything is made easy when the employees log in to the portal using their unique login credentials. As a result, dealing with many ordinary daily employee questions falls on HR.

Final Words

You can get in contact with Microsys for HR tools. If you think it’s time to redesign and transform your HR department with little resources, this company is the way to go. SimplyHRMS was created by Microsys, and it is available to businesses of all sizes for installation and ongoing support.

Contact us today to discover our robust HRMS platform SimplyHRMS by Microsys!

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