Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Human Capital Management (HCM), and Human Resource Management System (HRMS) are often confused with each other. All three HR teams have many things in common and hence are used interchangeably. Nonetheless, they are not identical to each other when we run through their little details. Therefore, A HCM software application might not offer the same functionality as an HRMS solution and vice versa.

In this short post, we will try to give you a quick glimpse of how HCM, HRIS, and HRMS are the same yet different from each other.


Human Resource Information System is the most basic unit of HR management. It covers applicant tracking, recruiting, benefits and compensation administration, training management, and time-off management of the employees. Moreover, employee self-service is also delivered through HRIS process flows, systems, and applications.


Human Capital Management has a broader scope than HRIS. Apart from taking care of all the functions and processes of HRIS, it also covers many strategic operations. For instance, it addresses performance and goal management. Moreover, budgeting, salary and succession planning, and position controls are also managed through HCM protocols.


Human Resource Management encapsulates all the functions of HCM and HRIS. On top of that, it also takes care of everyday HR stuff like payroll and time-off management. HRMS is the most comprehensive unit of HR management practices.

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