If you boast great human resource management skills but don’t want to work as an employee, consider offering Human Resources Management (HRM) services to small businesses. Yes, as a freelancer or one-person start-up, you can provide HRM service and become your employer.

These three things can facilitate your efforts of becoming an independent HRM service provider.

Use the Art of Persuasion

Many small businesses need human resource management, but they are not aware of it. You need to carry out groundwork, identify the small enterprises in your niche that need HRM, and then reach out to them with a proposal. You need to convince them on how dedicated HRM can help them improve their business outlook. This is the first and most critical step for any independent HRM service provider because they will acquire their future clients.

Keep It Affordable

High-cost outsourcing is a deal-breaker for the majority of small ventures. Therefore, you need to keep your service charges as low as possible. As a beginner, you are allowed to undercut the market and offer cheaper rates than any other third-party HRM service.

Bank on a Robust HRM Tool

You need to complement and synergize your HR skills with a powerful HRM tool to improve your service delivery. SimplyHRMS by Microsys is a lightweight, web-based HRMS application that you can use as your default HRM tool. You can use it to manage the accounts of different clients at the same time. Moreover, its easy-to-use interface will make it convenient for your small-scale clients to easily access HRM facilities and features as well.

Get in touch with experts at Microsys to find out more about SimplyHRMS.

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