Everyone talks about how to communicate with employees. However, very few discuss things to avoid while interacting with the workforce. Seasoned HR managers know the importance of employee communication and how not doing it right can get quite counterproductive.

In this brief write-up, we will discuss things you need to avoid while interacting with employees.

Don’t Write Lengthy Emails

Corresponding through lengthy emails is just an all-and-all bad communication strategy. It won’t just exhaust you. Employees you are interacting with will also get fed up. They start dreading as soon as your ID pops up in their email notification.

Keep things simple, avoid unnecessary jargon, and try to put across your message in as minimum words as possible. This approach will make life easy for people at both ends of the communication.

Keep Your Composure/ Don’t React

It is common for employees to lose their cool due to a host of issues. Usually, this anger trickles downs to the HR department. Being at the helm of human resource management of the company, your job is to deescalate such situations. In short, don’t take any employee grumble/rant personally and respond professionally.

Ensure Employees Don’t Have to Ask for Every Little Thing

Employees don’t like to reach out to HR people for every little thing. Therefore, make sure that they don’t have to reach out for all those mundane, trivial things. For instance, an employee must be able to apply, track, and get approval on their time-off leaves without making multiple visits to the HR office. Similarly, they don’t have to go to the HR desk to find out their training schedules and other entitlement details.

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