Before we discuss what makes SimplyHRMS a good HRM solution for remote workplaces, it is important to look at the events that unfolded in the last year or so. The concept of a remote workplace was not new when the pandemic hit in the first quarter of 2020. However, the implications of the pandemic have fully tested the scope of remote working.

A significant portion of the corporate world went remote and worked in that setting for several months. Even today, a large chunk of the service industry is operating in remote settings. Contrary to the expectations of many, this widespread remote working exercise has given better results than expected.

This successful demonstration of remote working is why almost 70% of CEOs believe it’s here to stay for the long haul. We all know that remote working has affected every organizational operation, including human resource management. The HR sphere has witnessed more innovations in the last 10-12 months than many previous years combined. This also includes the rapid development of the HRM solution for remote workplaces.

SimplyHRMS is also that one HRM solution for remote workplaces that witnessed unprecedented popularity last year. In this post, we will thoroughly discuss what makes a SimplyHRMS a good HRM solution for remote workplaces.

Small and medium-sized enterprises vying to make remote working permanent fixture must consider the deployment of SimplyHRMS.

5 Reasons that Make Simply HRMS a Good HRM Solution for Remote Workplaces

These are some major reasons why SimplyHRMS appear as a viable remote place HR management tool.

1. It Is an All-in-One HRM Tool

The first thing that makes SimplyHRMS stand apart among other web-based HRM tools is its versatility. You don’t find any other lightweight HRM solution for remote workplaces that boasts the array of features SimplyHRMS has. Whether you have to take care of payrolls or employee benefits, SimplyHRMS will serve you. Your HR team can also use it from remote locations to successfully manage virtual training sessions and celebrate employee milestones.

Then, your remote HR team can also use SimplyHRMS as a virtual database for both employee and organizational details. Your HR team can store almost all sorts of information on its nonphysical remote database, from the company’s policies to employee handbooks and training material to resumes and certificates.

One can safely assume that small and medium-scale enterprises can take care of all their remote HRM requirements with the deployment of SimplyHRMS.

2. It Is Web-Based

The majority of small business doesn’t mull remote HRM solutions because they believe they will involve extensive prerequisites. However, that’s not the case. You don’t have to undergo any “preparation” to integrate SimplyHRMS into your remote working setup. SimplyHRMS is essentially a web-based HRM application that you can use from anywhere in the world as long as you have a standard desktop, laptop, or smartphone and a working internet connection.

You don’t have to plan extensive HR team training to make them understand the functions of SimplyHRMS. Similarly, you don’t have to buy your HR people new machines and set up an in-house data center or server. SimplyHRMS operates on the cloud, and your team can use it on their existing workstation and devices.

Having extensive infrastructural changes and setting aside big budgets become difficult for SMEs during remote work transition. However, they can leverage the web-based nature of SimplyHRMS to get an HRM solution for remote workplaces without undergoing big infrastructural changes and spending too much capital.

3. It Boasts a User-Friendly Interface

Introducing new software in the organization when the team is working remotely can be a tricky decision. Teams need prior training workshops and brainstorming huddles to understand how a corporate-grade software application works. This is particularly true for most HRM tools where employees have to unpack and simplify complex functions and features.

SimplyHRMS has a very contrasting nature in that sense because it boasts one of the most user-friendly interfaces among the HRM applications. It won’t be wrong to say working on SimplyHRMS is nothing short of working on an SM platform. It has a simple login and has an easy-to-skim dashboard and menu. Then its features and functions are outlined in the simple language your HR team is already aware of. The color scheme, typography, and information grids of SimplyHRMS are also easy on the eyes and let you use it without straining your vision.

4. It Serves All the Stakeholders

Unlike many lightweight HRM tools, SimplyHRMS is not just HR-centric. Hence, it’s not designed only for HR teams. Managers and employees can also use this HRM tool for relevant tasks. Moreover, they can also coordinate for particular activities on the application. Achieving this synergy is very important when your enterprise has gone in a remote mode.

Managers can see who is working and who is on leave to manage the workload and plan accordingly. They can also access employee status remotes from their remote location on SimplyHRMS. Employees can track and manage their training sessions and leaves while working from home. They can essentially use SimplyHRMS as a remote self-service portal.

In short, SimplyHRMS can connect and enable different stakeholders to work from physically distant locations without a hassle.

5. It Is Cost-Effective and Easy to Deploy

Organizations get cautious of their spending during the transition as big as moving to a remote setting. SimplyHRMS also takes care of this aspect. You don’t need to allocate a dedicated and continuous stream of spending for the deployment of SimplyHRMS. Most organizations will be able to afford SimplyHRMS from their existing HR expenses. Also, its deployment only entails getting login credentials from the developer. So, you don’t incur any deployment expenses either.

Final Words

The above discussion makes a strong case for SimplyHRMS as the most suitable HRM solution for remote workplaces, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. Even if you have a traditional office setup, SimplyHRMS can be a viable option for your HRM requirements.

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