The digital transformation across the business landscape has ended the concept of 9-5 operations. Even if your business operating hours are from 9 am to 5 pm, you still need to keep your digital infrastructure up and running beyond that time window (e.g., through a Managed IT Service Providers for 24×7 monitoring) for many reasons. For instance, employees may need to access email, collaboration, and project management applications after office hours.

Similarly, customer-facing applications and interfaces also need to be online all the time. Network security is another thing that you have to take care of round the clock. However, running and monitoring all these components of digital infrastructure requires you to station an IT team 24×7.

In-house IT and network security teams usually work for the same hours as the rest of the employees. This means an organization may have to assemble another IT team to manage the network and systems after-hours.  

Hiring an entire team of network and security experts is not just a tall order for your human resource department. It will also increase your operating expenses by a considerable margin. On the other hand, you have the option to hire an Managed IT Service Provider for 24×7 monitoring. It can diligently oversee your networks and systems round the clock without all the hassle of putting up and managing an in-house IT team.

Let’s have a quick rundown of all the advantages that you can get by hiring a Managed IT Service Provider for 24×7 monitoring for your networks and systems.

MSP for 24x7 Monitoring: Maintains Full Network Visibility with Hands-On Response

You can only assess the performance of a network when you can see it from a bird’s eye view. By ensuring full network visibility, you can swiftly identify any weak links and vulnerabilities existing and lingering within the network with the potential to adversely impact its performance. When you hire a Managed Service Provider, they make sure to maintain that full network visibility. This optimum visibility helps them to remain on top of things. For instance, they can quickly move against a cyber attack when every node in the network is within their sight.

MSP for 24x7 Monitoring: Swift Security Lapse Response

Regular network monitoring only entails keeping an eye on the system for its performance. However, the MSP monitoring service doesn’t just end there. Apart from appraising the network KPIs, their monitoring and management tools also proactively scan the system for malicious code infiltrations.

Upon detecting anything thing that looks like a security breach, they swiftly act against it to contain the spread. Moreover, seasoned Managed Service Providers ascertain that they take care of the security breach and successfully deal with it on their own. In most cybersecurity lapses, Managed Service Providers sort out the threat before your workforce and end-users know.

MSP for 24x7 Monitoring Reduces MTTR

This 24×7 security monitoring and problem resolution help you drastically cut your Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). MTTR essentially outlines the total time spent on unplanned maintenances for the given number of failures in a particular duration. When Managed IT Support Services take care of the sudden security and network issues, it cuts down the MTTR of your in-house IT team and saves them time for other tasks.

Also, when you reduce the MTTR of your network and system, you succeed in curbing the instances of downtimes.

Customized Monitoring and Management

The other benefit of working with a Managed Service provider is you can get tailor-made services designed for your organization. Managed Service Providers can work with your in-house IT teams to develop monitoring and security thresholds based upon your customized business requirements. For instance, they can set up text and email triggers for a list of issues so that they can be attended to and addressed by relevant teams.

Automated Maintenance Regimen

If your organization doesn’t have an in-house IT team, and you must take care of regular maintenance and updates on your own, Managed Service Provider for 24×7 monitoring and management service will feel like a blessing. Any professional Managed Service Provider offering 24×7 monitoring and management sets up an automated maintenance routine for your network. From operating system/security updates and network configuration to patch management, they will take care of everything with a well-thought-out program.

Track Bandwidth Utilization

Any seasoned IT Support Service Provider would also include bandwidth utilization tracking in their monitoring and management service. It lets you know the actual bandwidth available on your network. This information will help you understand network traffic flow and strains, overall usage, any bandwidth hogs. MSP monitoring the network notifies you when your bandwidth utilization is close to critical levels, and you need to expand it to prevent any potential downtime and ensure QoS (Quality of Service).

Comprehensive Network Performance Reporting

Managed Service Providers also summarizes their 24×7 monitoring and management in detailed reporting on network performance. They regularly generate those reports that help evaluate the health and performance of the network and system. Besides helping in-house IT teams to immediately take corrective measures, these reports aid decisionmakers in identifying long-term IT needs and requirements.  

System and network decisions that are taken in the light of the reports furnished by seasoned IT professionals have odds in their favor.

MSP for 24x7 Monitoring: Peace of Mind, Better Time Management

Managed Service Providers help give you peace of mind about the well-being and optimal performance of your network. If you work with a small and overworked IT team, MSP monitoring will give them some relief. Moreover, if you run a small enterprise and take care of your network and system on your own, the 24×7 monitoring and management by Managed Service Providers let you concentrate your energies on your core competencies.

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