‘Always open’ is a recurring topic for many small businesses since 2021 and beyond. Downtimes are a rare occurrence, due to which your website and servers are always set to their maximum. The requirement for a managed IT service provider for small businesses is a given in today’s fiercely competitive economy.

Small businesses are increasingly turning to managed IT service providers to meet their IT infrastructure requirements. Every industry has to deal with IT security concerns, increasing IT infrastructure management costs, and unnecessary downtimes – from medical clinics and law offices to accountancy organizations and construction enterprises.

A cyberattack on your payroll-generating system is the last thing you and your team need. IT service providers are a lifesaver. You don’t want your day’s sales to suffer because of downtimes. With a Managed IT Support Services , your business will always be running smoothly.

Do you need to expand your business to keep up with the growing demand? You need MSP’s help — no holds barred to reach your full potential.

The MSP market for small enterprises is expected to grow at a record rate of more than 13.3 percent by 2025 and is expected to reach $116.2 billion. In light of this information technology outsourcing trend, it’s worth asking why businesses use managed IT services providers.

Why Businesses Are Using Managed IT Services Providers

We have compiled a list of five reasons to take a closer look.

1. Reducing the Business's Costs

A typical business can spend up to 7.5 percent of its overall revenue on IT if it has on-premise infrastructure and personnel. Outsourcing to a small business managed IT service provider can free up a significant amount of cash for the company’s core operations.

There are several reasons why IT infrastructure costs so much. An overview of some of the many moving pieces in IT is given below:

  • Applications for business software
  • Computer hardware (ongoing maintenance costs)
  • Network – security, firewall, providers, and other components that allow network operations

You can simply remove most of these components and instead use less expensive alternatives in the cloud to reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure. Moreover, the Managed IT Service Providers will add useful services to you and eliminate solutions that don’t fit in with your current technology infrastructure. IT costs are reduced while productivity is maintained at a high level.

As a result, you can save a significant amount of money on your IT costs by using a pay-as-you-go business strategy. Everything is put to good use.

2. IT Infrastructure Simplification

There are simply too many devices and business apps to handle to manage the IT infrastructure on your own. You’ll need various activities and a steady supply of finances to sustain quality. As a result, Managed IT Service Providers can help you save money by taking on some of your costs and the majority of your infrastructure responsibility.

The opportunity to be more flexible is the primary benefit of working with a managed IT service provider for small businesses. Your cloud-based infrastructure is managed round the clock, so you don’t have to worry about downtime. As a result, it’s easier to detect and fix security issues and keep your network working smoothly. It’s also much simpler to comply with local rules and regulations this way.

3. A Disaster Recovery Plan for IT

On-premises businesses invite the danger of a catastrophic server failure. It can have a crippling effect on day-to-day operations. They risk permanently losing critical information that is essential to the success of their company. They can run data recovery software throughout the year; however, it will necessitate a  quality amount of money that will eat into their bottom line.

On the other hand, a managed service provider can help you avoid downtime. Even if a terrible event occurs, it will not bring your business to a halt. Since one hour of downtime can cost a small company anything from $8,000 to $700,000, it’s always good to have low to no downtime.

Cloud computing services feature built-in redundancy measures that keep your organization running even if the system fails. Everything is running on a virtual platform; therefore, the risk of hardware failure is virtually minimized.

4. Timely Updates & Upgrades

Even though cloud services are still in their infancy, there is always a new trend or technology that can make your organization faster and more productive.

What about the backend of your IT infrastructure? Will you run into compatibility concerns if you try to use the newest tools? Can you make the tiny changes and modifications necessary to optimize your company for maximum growth? With on-premise servers, the costs of upgrading and maintaining them can be excessively high.

Your technological stack can easily be expanded and customized at any time, thanks to a managed IT service provider’s scalability and flexibility.

It’s as simple as reverting to a previous IT setup that you prefer to undo the damage. On-premises hardware does not allow you the freedom of experimentation and customization that a managed service provider can provide.

5. Rapid Response

Your managed service provider will be incredibly attentive to your demands if you encounter any issues – something that is extremely unlikely. It is critical when downtime is minimized, and a technological catastrophe that could result in significant losses is avoided. A good MSP will be there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and respond to your requests quickly.

Additionally, managed IT service providers keep a close eye on potential concerns that could jeopardize data security and compliance. Your company’s policies and strategies are followed to the letter. As a result, growth is on track.

Making the Switch to a Reliable Managed Service Provider – the Final Step

You need a managed service provider (MSP) to provide you with ongoing assistance, technical support, and guidance to get the most out of your cloud IT infrastructure and meet your goals. If you have any questions or are interested in making the switch to managed IT services, you can approach Microsys.

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