Organizations with traditional HR departments still use paper for a lot of tasks and activities. On the other hand, many organizations try to strike a balance between paper-based and digital HR activities. There is another class of organizations that decide to go 100% paperless with their HR operations. Making a paperless HR department doesn’t just mean using HRM software and applications. It also entails setting up a paperless employee database. In this short post, we will walk you through all the benefits of establishing a paperless employee database.

Saves Money

You don’t need to spend on top-quality paper for printed and handwritten employee documents when you set up a paperless employee database. Similarly, other office stationery expenses also significantly go down.

Saves Environment

It takes over 2 gallons of water to make a single A-4 sheet of paper. Also, the making of paper adds various dangerous effluents to the environment.

If we do the math, then setting up a paper-based employee database can cost the planet thousands of gallons of clean water. By setting up a paperless employee database, organizations can contribute to the conservation of the environment.

Saves Time and Improves Coordination

A paperless employee database saves time and improves coordination among different individuals and departments in the organization. Instead of sifting through a pile of files and folders, you can retrieve the information from a paperless database within a couple of clicks and seconds.

SimplyHRMS Human Resource Management System

SimplyHRMS by Microsys is a robust HRM solution. You can use it to carry out a range of HR duties and set it up as a paperless employee database. Visit Microsys’ website to find out more about SimplyHRMS.

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