The Importance of Having a Good Sage 300 ERP Consultant

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an integral aspect of every business entity. Technology has now made it possible for organizations to streamline ERP through dedicated software solutions. However, most ERP solutions still cater to large organizations with an international footprint and multibillion balance sheets. They are “oversized” for small-to-medium scale enterprises. Sage 300 has emerged as a good ERP solution for SMEs. However, the optimum use of this software is not possible without having a seasoned Sage 300 ERP consultant on board.

Why Do You Need a Sage 300 ERP Consultant?

Small and medium enterprises don’t have endless resources like large organizations and groups of companies. The budgetary and HR limitations make it difficult for them to use comprehensive software solutions for full potential and capability. For instance, they might be able to afford an ERP application. However, its implementation and use is something that they struggle to pull off due to a lack of in-house expertise.

An experienced third-party Sage 300 ERP consultant is someone who can help SMEs in this regard. They ensure that small and medium-scale businesses can leverage ERP software activities and workflow without facing budgetary and operational crises.

A sage 300 consultant helps organizations use this ERP solution in many capacities and roles.

A Sage 300 ERP Consultant Plans, Design, and Configure the Software

Sage 300 ERP works for SMEs across the organizational spectrum. Therefore, its interface boasts a generic and universal design that enterprises can set in line with their business requirements. With literally hundreds of its features, an unmarked non-configured Sage 300 can be daunting and overwhelming for the business’s workforce. 

Accountants, inventory managers, and other resource planning specialists used to work with conventional “non-software” means severely struggle to configure and customize Sage 300 for the business requirements. Sage consultants can help them. An experienced Sage 300 ERP consultant with multi-vendor experience can customize the software features for the unique operational requirements of a business.

Seasoned Sage consultants first carry a detailed requirement analysis when a business commissions them for Sage 300 ERP implementation. They understand the business from both supplier/vendor and client/consumer sides and come up with a plan on how to approach and configure Sage ERP features.

From AP/AR modules to General Ledger and Inventory Control to Order Entry, they ensure that you can use commercially available Sage 300 ERP software as a custom-built solution.

A Sage 300 ERP Consultant Ensures Successful Software Implementation

Seasoned Sage 300 ERP consultants don’t just plan and configure the software environment and leave. They also make sure that the software and all its features have been implemented successfully. There are multiple ways in which a sage 300 ERP consultant can ensure successful implementation.

  • They test-run the software and assess its different features for the authentic organizational data. For instance, they might devise the price list codes by using the pricing data given by the company. Similarly, they can use AP, AR modules, general ledger, and the list of common services with real data to ascertain that Sage 300 is up and running for the organization.
  • The successful Sage 300 implementation can’t be completed without training the in-house workforce. Sage 300 ERP consultants also work on that front. They are fully aware of the fact that SMEs often suffer from understaffing. Therefore, they extend their services to staff training. They teach and guide the relevant in-house professionals so the organization can eventually become self-sufficient with the use of the Sage 300.

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A Sage 300 ERP Consultant Takes Care of Immediate Updates and Changes

You can’t run the software as comprehensive as Sage 300 at its optimum level after the first iteration of configuration. There could be many features and operations that might need tweaks and upgrades despite the successful Sage implementation. Sage 300 ERP consultants stay in touch with your in-house team to remain on top of any new requirements. They will swiftly make the upgrades, execute changes, and rectify any unintentional error that happened during the first phase of implementation.

In short, they will stick and ensure that your organization can make a complete transition to the full ERP environment without facing glitches and hiccups.

A Sage 300 ERP Consultant Helps with Support and Maintenance of the Software

Any software needs regular expert support and maintenance activity to work like a well-oiled machine. If you have hired a consultant for the initial configuration and deployment of the software, you don’t have to spend on separate support and maintenance services for Sage 300. The same Sage 300 ERP Toronto will be your guy to evaluate your software usage.

They will appraise the situation, fix the glitches, and let you inform if you need to scale up to other Sage modules to meet growing business requirements.

A Sage 300 ERP Consultant Saves You Cost and Provides Better Business Insight

When you pick a seasoned consultant, you can save yourself from various outlays. When you work with a dedicated Sage 300 ERP consultant, you don’t have to expand your in-house workforce along with a list of new expenses.

Hiring professional Sage consultants also saves you cost because they provide a one-window solution to your business. From configuration to training and troubleshooting to maintenance, they take care of it all.  Also, consultants who have been using Sage 300 for many years and across different sectors can guide organizations with better business insights.

Final Thoughts

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