The pandemic-driven remote working has proved one thing, i.e., it is possible to carry out many organizational tasks in a completely virtual environment. Many HR departments have also experienced and learned how to go about virtual hiring.

In this microblog post, we will discuss how HR desks can carry out 100% virtual hirings for all those organizations recruiting first time after the pandemic.

Verification on the Web

Vetting eligible candidates on the web have become quite easier in the last couple of years. You can use LinkedIn, online students and employee databases, ex-employers’ web contact, and social media to verify the applied candidates’ credentials. In short, you can conduct a satisfactory employee vetting right from your screen.

Online Test

If a test is part of your hiring process, you can go for online testing. HR desks can use all sorts of tests in online formats to assess the job candidates’ competency. An online test conducted on any reliable testing platform remains foolproof and imperceptible to cheating.

Video Interview, Orientation, and Onboarding

The live video stream can be used as an effective medium to conduct interview and orientation sessions, given that there is a fast internet connection on both sides. Organizations have many good options to choose from when it comes to cloud-based video conferencing services.

After online orientation and onboarding, HR people can use SimplyHRMS by Microsys to round off the 100% successful virtual hiring process.

SimplyHRMS Human Resource Management System

SimplyHRMS is an HRM solution that HR departments and desks can use when operating in a 100% virtual and remote environment. Visit Microsys’ website to find out more about SimplyHRMS.

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