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Ransomware and Phishing Attacks_Strategies for Prevention and Recovery
The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the critical importance of cyber security in today’s ever-evolving digital environment. As we investigate potential problems, such as phishing or ransomware ...
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Secure Your Digital Assets: Cyber Security for Individuals and Businesses
Did you know that the FBI received 847,376 complaints regarding cyberattacks in 2021? Not only this. There were about $7 billion in losses, and most ...
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Is Your Business Prepared for a Cyber Attack? Managed IT Services Can Help
According to a Ponemon study, negligent employees and third parties cause the most data breaches. Unfortunately, small businesses with limited resources to protect themselves are ...
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Importance of Having a Good Firewall and Content Filtering Appliance
As more and more businesses go digital, it’s imperative that they consider protecting their systems from potential threats. Studies have shown that cybercrime costs totaled ...
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Secure Your Digital Assets: Cyber Security for Individuals and Businesses
Did you know that the FBI received 847,376 complaints regarding cyberattacks in 2021? Not only this. There were about US $7 billion in losses, and ...
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How Spammers Use AI to Overcome Spam Filters
The growing popularity and use of artificial intelligence (AI) has created new problems and solutions in the cyber security domain. Since most businesses rely heavily ...
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Best Password Practices That Can Help Protect Your Digital Life
Password security is a crucial factor that many end-users overlook. With more digital devices and platforms taking over, the need for the best password practices ...
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Importance of Employee training for Cyber Security
The Importance of Employee Training in Cyber Security and Network Security
We live in a digital age where cyber security and network security has become an increasingly important issue for businesses in every industry. Cyber-attack can ...
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Protection from viruses and hackers
How to Protect Your Devices from Viruses and Hackers
A hacked device (whether it’s a smartphone or a computer) can compromise your privacy and identity without you  finding out before the harm is done. ...
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A quick guide to choosing antivirus software
What to Look for When Choosing an Antivirus Software
The ongoing waves of cybersecurity concerns have forced businesses (and individuals) to dramatically restructure their use of digital infrastructure, so much so that merely using ...
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Quick guide to multifactor authentication
The Beginner’s Guide to Multifactor Authentication
A quick look at shows startling statistics: passwords aren’t all that effective. Even the best combination of numbers, letters, and special characters can be ...
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system breach warning on screen
How to Defend Against Apache Attacks and Vulnerabilities to Watch Out For
What is an Apache Server? There are two possibilities. Either you are an expert, and in that case, explaining what an Apache server is like ...
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Cybersecurity Companies Toronto
Future of Cybersecurity and IT Management
The rapid introduction of new technologies in the global market has created many concerns for businesses and organizations. While digitalization has made everything available online, ...
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Are biometrics safe?
Hackers Are Beating Biometrics – Should You Be Worried?
Biometrics is one of the most effective lines of defense you can use against hackers. They are incredibly convenient and allow you to access your ...
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VPNs for businesses
VPN for Businesses: Is It Important?
A virtual private network (VPN) lets you access parts of the internet anonymously by establishing an encrypted tunnel. VPNs provide enhanced security without affecting convenience ...
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