The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has affected many people and organizations around the world. The Coronavirus pandemic has compelled every business, small or big to shift to work from home. In these difficult times, Microsys is committed to providing remote services to businesses. Keeping your employees safe and IT infrastructure running hassle-free is our topmost priority. Microsys is focused in ensuring that you have the right resources in place to handle any situation.

Our remote IT infrastructure support services and solutions keeps your entire workforce connected in a single loop without compromising on the security aspect. The high tech companies already have robust systems, processes and remote IT infrastructure in place. It is the small and mid-sized enterprises that are facing a real challenge during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Nearly the entire world is under complete lockdown which has affected the operations and services of many enterprises across the globe. As work from home has become a mandatory norm in today’s age of COVID-19, it is time for businesses to hire a robust IT company that is capable of providing secure remote access and keeping the entire IT ecosystem connected and running seamlessly.

  • Do you own a small or mid-sized business?
  • Is there some way to ensure that your IT infrastructure remains powerful?
  • How can you maintain the security of your crucial data and ensure safety of your workforce?

Well, Microsys has the answers to all your questions. From dedicated remote Managed IT Support Services to best practices, we help you in making this transition to work from home speedier and smoother, thereby ensuring business continuity. Our highly skilled and expert team of IT engineers make this happen. They help you to set up your IT infrastructure remotely. Microsys offers both remote on-demand support as well as remote IT connectivity. 

1. Data loss prevention

When remote access is granted to employees, strict data loss prevention strategies should also be enforced. This is exactly what Microsys does. We ensure that your sensitive data remains confidential. As the sensitive content is being transferred outside your office environment, it is necessary to bring in encryption so that the Data Security is not compromised.

2. Cloud services

Our cloud services are located geographically at various locations across the globe. Our experts have the capability to manage the cloud even as they work from home. Cloud data will always be available to you whenever you want it.

3. Monitoring your IT ecosystem

We keep a close eye on your IT Infrastructure to detect any performance issues and fix them before they can impact your business. Our IT infrastructure surveillance follows a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.

4. Support to your workforce

We offer complete comprehensive support to your workforce who are working from home. We provide intuitive omni-channel support which ensures that your employees remain connected and ask for any services they require.

5. Digital marketing strategies

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we chalk out digital marketing strategies specifically designed for your business. Our remote Digital Marketing Support helps you to improve your communications with clients and prospects. Our innovative digital marketing campaigns focus on brand building and awareness.

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