In the last two decades, IT infrastructure has become a basic building block of organizations in every niche and sector. Statistics suggest that worldwide IT spending is expected to cross $3.5 trillion this year. All these extensive IT investments, along with the expertise of any top MSP (Managed Service Provider), have enabled organizations to maintain a robust online environment where they can serve their customers and work with partners at any time of the day and from any part of the world.  

The large-scale work transition from offices to remote settings in the ongoing pandemic has only become possible because most companies already have robust and agile IT networks and systems in place.

However, we all know that running and managing an IT network is no mean task. Besides hefty upfront investments, you need to funnel a large sum of capital to take care of its operating costs. ROIs may not always offset those operating costs, resulting in an adverse impact on the given company’s bottom line.

Small and medium-scale businesses feel the burden of IT operating costs more than large organizations due to their limited resources. If you think that your SME’s IT operating costs are continuously hurting your bottom line, consider hiring a top MSP. There are numerous ways in which an Managed IT Service Providers can help you save your IT costs on many different fronts.

A Top MSP’s Holistic Cloud Services Saves a Ton of Operating Costs

If you succeed in finding a top MSP offering wide-ranging cloud services, you save a host of IT operating costs. MSP’s cloud services can let you run your IT operations without setting up your facility and hiring an in-house team. When you make the most of MSP cloud services in any area, you get to save regular outlays of power, hardware, software, maintenance, salaries, and the full cost of managing a physical space.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

MSPs can help you reduce your IT operating costs by offering you an entire IT infrastructure through its cloud-based services.  An IaaS is a powerful yet flexible way to meet your business IT requirements and objectives without nonstop investment in depreciating software and hardware assets with no to little ROI.

Besides saving you a lot of operating CapEx, IaaS is also a great option to consider for its absolute merits on in-house/offline IT infrastructure. For instance, IaaS is designed for on-demand scalability. An perfect Managed IT Support Services can scale up your IT capacity through IaaS with the quickest turnaround to ensure business continuity. Also, IaaS is designed in a way that it boasts better support for disaster recovery.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

From disk crashes to power failures and cyber attacks to human errors, an IT disaster is never far away to cost you a fortune and ruin your reputation. If your business operations primarily depend on your IT muscle, you have to hire disaster recovery experts that can guarantee optimum uptime and minimum downtime.

Apart from hiring the relevant human resource, you will also need to invest in hardware and software components required to run a successful disaster recovery. In short, establishing an in-house disaster recovery desk is a recipe for a substantial hike in IT operating costs.

MSPs can also help you to avert and manage IT-related mishaps with their DRaaS expertise. They can define the recovery time and recovery point objectives and carry out full-scale DR testing. They are also able to detect both technical and process vulnerabilities that could haunt your network in any disaster event.

High-speed WAN connectivity, physical and virtual machine recovery, SSAE-16 audits, and many other recovery features are part of their DRaaS. These elements ensure you can see through disasters without having to deal with continuous expenses of in-house DR setup.

Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Data has become a prized commodity. Today, a large number of cyber attacks are aimed at data theft. Moreover, enterprises get an edge over their peers and competitors if they manage to own and leverage more user data. The importance of data has paved the way for in-house data centers. These centers are servers dedicated to storing every last bit of organization data.

Every enterprise can’t have its own data center. It requires you to extend the square footage of your premises. Secondly, you will have to manage its high operating costs for power, cooling, backup, bandwidth expenses, and in-charge(s) salary.

As an alternative, you can hire a top MSP that offers DBaaS. It offers the utility of an in-house data center but without the hefty costs of running an actual one.

Hiring a Top MSP Will Also Cut Down the Productivity Cost

If your IT team is always busy with run-of-the-mill and corrective tasks, you may not be able to get them to work on strategic projects with the required dedication and productivity. As a result, you will experience disrupted workflow, business drivers getting out-of-focus and eventual delays of deliverables. All these unwanted consequences stemming from lost productivity will also cost one way or the other.

By hiring Managed IT Service Providers for your regular IT tasks and management, you can have your in-house team of experts focused on the core operations of the organization. They will be able to grind more on projects that will bring profit and improve the organization’s bottom line.

Before we wrap up, we would also like to point out that MSPs also cut down your opportunity costs. The proactive monitoring and management of MSPs ensure that your business doesn’t experience data losses, unexpected downtime, and network failures that can stain your reputation and put a dent in your customer acquisition.

If you want to hire an MSP to reduce your IT operating expenses and opportunity cost, consider hiring Microsys.

Microsys is a seasoned and cost-effective IT support service provider for SMEs. The firm commits to providing superior network, computer, and business application support services. Our mission is to deliver affordable and high-quality technology solutions that enable SMEs to meet their goals more efficiently.

You can also hit us up for free professional IT assessment.

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